Love Island 2018: The Best Bits

Love Island 2018: The Best Bits

We love Love Island, in fact we’re OBSESSED with it. We’ve spent the last 8 weeks watching the islanders every night and we’re not sure what to do with ourselves. We’ve laughed with them, we’ve cried with them and we've fallen in love with them. Last night saw Jack & Dani crowned the 2018 winners. Having coupled up on day one, they were worthy winners in our eyes. To celebrate this series, we’ve rounded up some of our fave moments…


The DBS or Do Bits Society is an exclusive club that was set up by Wes for people in the villa that ‘do bits’. And no Alex strong cuddling doesn’t count.

The Skype Call

After waiting 8 weeks for the parents episode, we were a little disappointed to find out that Danny Dyer wasn’t actually entering the villa. However that Skype call did not disappoint and gave us our new life motto ‘They’re all abbed up but got nothing about them’. Someone give that family their own show.

Casa Amour

Bringing in 6 new boys and 6 new girls was bound to cause some dramz. Our hearts ached for Dani and Jack when his ex girlfriend Ellie came in the villa. But it really got juicy when Josh re entered the villa with Kaz after deciding to recouple to face Georgia who had stayed (in her own words) ‘loyal’.

I’m Loyal Babe

If we had a pound for everytime Georgia said ‘I’m loyal’ we’d be as rich as new Charlie. Little G proved she wasn’t so loyal for a while when she went in for a cheeky kiss with Laura’s man new Jack. She did however prove everyone wrong when her and Sam decided not to recouple with anyone else which led to them being dumped from the island.

When Snacks Are Life


We’ve never related to anything more than Jack eating those crisps while cooking dinner for the rest of the villa.

Alex Tripping Over

While the girls went out, the boys were left in charge in the traditional baby challenge. While playing games in the garden, Alex provided us with possibly one of the funniest moments of the series. He tripped over while in a race with Jack leaving his baby flying out of the pram.

The countdown to Love Island 2019 is already on...

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