How to win Love Island

How to Win Love Island

Whether they like to admit it or not, Love Island is the reality TV show that’s on everyone’s lips. From half-boyfriends and ILYs to being mugged off and cheated on - we just can’t get enough of the DRAMZ. So whether you’re thinking of applying for the next series to make the most of a ‘long hot summer’ (and bag £100k), or you’ve just got bets on with your huns to guess who’s gonna win this year’s Winter Love Island - we’ve got you covered with some tips and tactics on how to win Love Island so you can win all the bragging rights. You can thank us later, babe. 


Be Authentic 


What do Ovie Soko, Dani Dyer and 2019 winner, Amber Gill all have in common? They were 100% authentic and true to themselves on the show. When Amber got dumped by Michael Griffiths for Joanna Chimonides, she handled it like a PRO and the public loved it. And what about when Ovie got dumped by Anna Vakili for Jordan Hames? He was chill AF. 

Although Dani Dyer wasn’t the most chilled contestant we’ve ever seen, the public loved her raw authenticity and she went on to share 100 big ones with Jack Fincham. So if you’re looking to win Love Island, you’d better be true to yourself to win over the public. 


It Helps to be Good Looking


As much as we hate to be shallow, you can’t deny that nearly every islander has been some sort of super hot god/goddess. So whether you add an extra workout to your weekly gym schedule, fork out for some super-long extensions (and bag a deal with a hair extension company when you get out), or simply up your makeup game - it doesn’t hurt to make sure you look bangin’ in the villa. It is what it is.


Find Bae 


Whether you’re only going there for a chance to win the dolla, or you just want a little bit of fame when you get out - you need to make sure you find yo’self someone to couple up with to give you the best chance of making it to the end. Just make sure you’ve got some sort of feelings for them, ‘cos you’re going to be sharing a bed with them every night and that could get super awks. 


Be Entertaining 


We’re not saying you need to bring buckets of dramz to win the show, but keeping the public (aka us) entertained is one way to keep yourself in the show for as long as possible. 

From doing The Salmon into the pool, to having a complete meltdown when your half boyf breaks up with you (aw, hun) - keeping us entertained will only ever work in your favour. 



So if you’re applying for the next season, you’d better make sure you’re super entertaining, hot and true to yourself and you might just find yourself with £100k in your bank account (and a couple more Insta followers…). Keep up to date with the latest Love Island goss and fashion tips on our Insta - you won’t regret it, gal.

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