Your Guide to Christmas Party Outfits & Dresses

You’ll no doubt have a packed calendar in December, with family parties and get-togethers, meals out, nights out and of course the work Christmas do.

That’s a lot of different vibes, which means a lot of different outfits.

Here’s our guide to nailing it every time.


Judging the Office Christmas Party Right

First things first, let’s address the work-night-out sitch, because that can be the biggest headache of all. Defo the one you’re most likely to overthink, especially if you’re still quite new.

Not everyone likes getting totally glammed up with the work crowd, whereas some love it. Whichever camp you’re in is fine. The important thing is that you do you and don’t feel pressured to dress a certain way, because we always look our best when we’re feeling confident.

And don’t forget, the office party venue itself will probs have a big influence. E.g. if you know it’s a pretty swanky restaurant that you’re going to, it might be best to go for something with a more formal vibe, like a cross over dress or a sequin mini dress. But if you know the plan is to just have some casual food and then move on to a few bars, toning it down might be better – maybe a crop top with flare trousers and heels.



Glam Christmas Party Outfit Ideas


If you wanna pull out all the stops, a statement party dress is the one, like this boned tassel bodycon number worn by @mollykrenz_. For a festive touch, go for something in a bold red or a luscious green.




Sticking with the glam theme but going for a more minimalistic touch, a tulle dress like @irelandmullany’s is perfect for a posher night out. It’s one of the girliest materials around and is huge atm, so it’s a fab choice for any party princess (especially in the pink colour).



Casual Christmas Party Outfit Ideas


Tulle doesn’t have to be for mega fancy occasions only. Try pairing a tulle skirt with a cute top – as @__emmamaclean has shown us – and you’ll strike the balance just right.




Or keep it tulle but go for a longer skirt like these draped ruffle numbers worn by @gertiepbridge (above) and @ultrasophisticate (below).



And then complete the look however you see fit!




A crochet crop top is one of many ways to tone it down while staying sassy and sophisticated, as you can see via @raeking_’s smokin’ combo just above. Offset with some fitted trousers and you’re all set for a laid back but super fun night out.




Ruffle some feathers the right way with a gorgeous crop top like @rosehardingx’s. (We couldn’t resist that pun, sorry...) Pair with jeans like Rose has or bump the formality up a notch with some wide leg trousers.




Christmas isn’t Christmas without bold splashes of colour, especially RED. Even on a casual occasion, it makes a huge statement without coming across OTT. Check out @ellaroseee__’s glammed-up casual look here in her red wrap around long sleeve crop top.




Take a look at our Party Edit for more Xmas inspo, and keep an eye on our New In section for all the latest launches and restocks.

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