Our Favourite Fashion Trends From 2019 (And The Ones We Want To Leave Behind)

2019 has been an exciting year of fashion trends. From wild animal prints that we’ve been wearing at every given opportunity, to the cutest lil’ embellished hair accessories to disguise that second day hair - this year’s trends have been strong.

However, there have been a few items on the scene this year that will remain firmly buried at the bottom of our wardrobes - nobody likes a fashion faux pas, after all. Here’s our pick of the best trends from this year (and a few that we’ll never mention again…).


Wild Animal Prints


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Bounding it’s way onto the scene at the end of 2018, the animal print trend was here to stay and it’s safe to say we’ve been pretty obsessed. Getting a little wilder this year, wearing animal print was sure to make a real statement - especially when teamed with bright colours. 

From snake print dresses to fierce AF leopard bodysuits teamed with brightly coloured high waisted trousers, everyone who’s anyone has been rocking the animal print trend this year - and we have been loving it. 



Show-Stopping 80s Neon

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This year was all about standing out and the revived 80s neon trend was no exception. Whether you went all-out fluorescent in a neon dress, or just gave a nod to the trend with bright accessories - it was almost impossible to avoid the neon trend this year. 

Celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Blake Lively and Bella Hadid have been turning the wattage all the way up with this trend, sporting head to toe neon with a whole lot of sass. We’re just praying that it’s here to stay. 



Statement Hair Slides

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Forever hiding our second day hair (along with our trusty bottle of dry shampoo), statement hair slides have been the ultimate hair accessory that have been saving us from bad hair days all year long. 

But that’s not all - as well as our trusty faux-pearl hair slides, we’ve been loving statement headbands that have allowed us to channel our inner Blair Waldorf too. We’re just crossing our fingers hoping that statement hair accessories are here to stay for 2020 - we couldn’t bear having to wash our hair every day.



Cycling Shorts All Day Every Day 

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Love them or hate them, cycling shorts exploded onto the scene in 2019 with mixed reviews. Gone are the days when you’d only be seen in cycling shorts in year 9 PE, this year, people have been wearing them with everything. 

From the oversized hoodie and cycling shorts combo, to a more daring cycling shorts and heels ensemble thanks to Kim K, there’s been no limit to what people have been teaming with them - and word on the street is that they’re going nowhere fast.

Moral of the story? Cycling shorts are versatile AF, so stock up for 2020.



The 2019 Fashion Trends We Want to Leave Behind

Tiny Glasses

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Loved by celebrities including the Hadid sisters and Hailey Bieber, tiny sunglasses tried to make their way onto the fashion scene in 2019, but we just couldn’t get on board with it. 

Call us old fashioned, but we’re still obsessed with the oversized sunglasses trend, helping us hide our under-eye bags (and hangovers) since the early 2000’s. 


Vinyl Clothing

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Okay, we admit that the vinyl clothing trend was one we were obsessed with, (and we kinda still are). It’s only for the daring, just the way we like it!

But it’s looking like it’s going to be out by summer 2020, according to the fashion pack. Can’t lie, we’ll be wearing it as long as it’s still chilly enough outside to look that hot. 


Transparent Clothing

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We’d just about got on board with perspex shoes when 2019 faced us with the latest perspex innovation - transparent perspex clothing. 

Thankfully designed for festival season, transparent perspex clothing was almost as daring as fishnet bikinis, but we just weren’t ready to bare all to other festival-goers. On top of that, transparent handbags? We don’t think the world needs to see last week’s receipts, do you? And don’t get us started on the condensation - we’re getting sweaty just thinking about it. 


So whether you’re a lover of statement hair clips, or you just can’t get enough of the neon trend - we’ll be keeping you looking fabulous with all the latest fashion trends next year, so keep an eye on our homepage for the latest drops.

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