Dressed In Lucy’s Ultimate Gym Playlist

It’s that time of year - when we sign up for a gym membership but lack the motivation to go with it.
But not this time doll, we’re determined to stick to our New Year’s resolution and help you see yours through too!
Check out the Dressed In Lucy Ultimate Gym Playlist for hours of workout bangers to help you work up a sweat and feel great while doing so. We’ve got plenty of tracks to get you moving, whatever your fitness goals are.  
Take a look at the tracklist and give it a follow...
How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution
We’ve all been chanting “new year, new me” since the end of last year, but the time to actually live up to that change has come. 
So whatever your 2020 resolution for bettering yourself is, we’re here to give you some tips on how to stick with it throughout the year. 
#1. Set your goals
If you start your 2020 resolution without setting a clear goal, you’re going to lose motivation, fast. Give yourself a personal target to hit, or an endpoint to help guide your way through your challenge. This way you have something to work for, and something to celebrate when you achieve your goal!
#2. Start small
Some people like to throw themselves into a challenge, and if you’ve got that energy, go for it girl!  But if you’re like us and you want to pace yourself, we find that starting small is a great way to get your resolution going.
Instead of going vegan from the off, why not gradually wean yourself onto a plant-based diet? Or start going to the gym once or twice a week instead of every day? 
#3. Focus on one thing at a time
Eating healthier, doing more exercise, being more sustainable, getting more sleep and making more ‘you’ time are all great resolutions, individually. Taking them all on at once is a recipe for burnout.
Concentrate on one goal at a time. You’ll give yourself a better chance of succeeding if you focus on one thing rather than spreading yourself too thin. When you get more confident at that one resolution, consider adding another one.
#4. Find strength in numbers
We all need some encouragement at times, and what better support than to find someone who can share your resolution with you! Your BFF is the perfect partner, you can motivate each other when either of you need that extra push.
#5. Track your progress
Always remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. If you keep at your resolution, you’ll no doubt begin to see progress over time. Keep track of these results for a gratifying boost to keep you going.
#6. Don’t be too hard on yourself
So what if you skip a gym session or you put on Netflix instead of picking up a book? Cut yourself some slack and don’t punish yourself if you slip up every now and again.
You might not want to make a habit out of skimping on your resolution, but it’s deffo okay to give yourself a break sometimes. Don’t get hung up over one missed opportunity. Focus on how you can make it up instead.
#7. Keep trying
Most importantly, don’t give up. Running out of steam is real, but we’re here to remind you that you can do it! With a little bit of perseverance, we know that you can make 2020 the year of you. Go get those goals!

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